Let’s imagine we’re having coffee. It’ll be more fun.

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If I had enough time, I’d ask you to come over and slip onto my cozy sofa. We could chat about our lives, interest, families, and future dreams and hopefully fill the air with laughs and good memories. Since we’re both probably stealing extra minutes to be here, let’s just pretend we’re really hanging out!

This blog is my little corner of the world full of the all things I love, don’t love, think I need (and then tell you you NEED too), want, and ramble about. Sometimes it’s really serious, sometimes it’s really ridiculous and sometimes we’re just having fun.

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Some fun facts for you (since I’m sure you love the details). This year I turned 31 officially making this new decade of mine feel like my residence for a while. I live in the deep south where I run the sweetest wedding planning business Renee Hall Events. Best accidental business of my dreams. I also work for a network of tech businesses doing all the inside things: design, infrastructure, user experiences, marketing, content writing and just overall bossy stuff. On Sundays I turn off my phone and lead worship at the church I have been at the last 16 years and on the other days I research and write about all the things and feels and products to live a healthy and balanced life.

In so many ways, life is everything and nothing I imagined. My twenties was a decade of discovering all the ways adulthood can be both awesome and terrible. Can I get an amen? Life doesn’t always go as we plan,  feel how we imagine and it definitely isn’t always a respecter of our :plans”. But most of the time it can be so much better.  Character development is a lot of work, maturing is a lot of work, being responsible can be boring, and discovering all the things you  need to get a little healing from….well, let’s just say that isn’t too glamorous BUT SO WORTH IT. In the middle and messy, I found Jesus and joy in ways I would not have otherwise. I realized taking ownership of my life and choices was powerful and I have – somehow – found myself living out a string of dreams that were deeply hidden in my heart.

Jesus really does write the BEST stories.

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Grab your favorite mug, pour some coffee and enjoy your stop here! Shoot me a message or leave a comment, I would love to know you’re here!



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