Saturday is the best day of the week

I love Saturdays.

It’s much more than just a weekend love though.

It’s such a deep love, I really have no idea how to fully explain it. It’s something you need to experience and then you’ll know why I love this day so much.

It’s the day I feel fully myself. It’s the day I don’t have to compartmentalize my energy and focus between work, working out, people, personal things, etc. It’s the day that I get to turn work off and just be a person. It’s the day I want talk about my life, my thoughts, my dreams, my problems, etc because I have the mental space to really think. It’s the day I want to hear and r-e-a-l-l-y talk about what’s going on in my friend’s world. It’s the day I know I am fully present wherever I am and will not be thinking about work, task, projects, clients, calls, calendars appt from the current or next day in the back of my mind.

It’s hard to explain the beauty and refreshment this day does to my soul. If I don’t get this day, you can bet your life you’ll know though.

In college, when you are in the same “season” as the people you love the most it’s not really evident how your futures are going in different directions. It’s obvious you’re pursuing different careers, but what that looks like in adult life is not something I realized AT ALL until my friends and I were no longer in school. That is when the reality that our directions were actually taking us in different places…and we wouldn’t just get to hang out and spend time the same way we had in college.

Different career routes lead to new relationships, opportunities and growth that will require an unbelievable amount of mental energy and percentage of your weekly time. Your career determines where you spend the large majority of your life and best weekly energy. Hence why it’s a pretty major life decision….if only college could last forever.

Your friendships change as your world changes and the way you interact looks different. To remain connected with people who live a life beyond your schedule means those relationships become intentional and appointment/schedule oriented. It’s taken me a very long time to learn to find the fun and authenticity in relationships that are appointment/schedule oriented. I still hate when my relationships take this form, but I do know it’s inevitable and letting go is the only option to learning to enjoy what is instead of what is no longer.

This is why I love Saturdays, especially with friends. They remind me of friendships in college. The ones where you just exist and don’t have a scheduled start and end. You have time to talk about nothing or really important things, you have space to breath, enjoy conversation or sit in silence together. It’s easy to talk about the thoughts in your head and concerns in your heart once you’ve had some time to feel like yourself again.

This week I had a really great Saturday full of almost all of my favorite things.

  • Friendship
  • Conversation
  • Laughing

My heart is very refreshed. Growing up is challenging but when we learn to let go and enjoy what is in our life, it is amazing how those things can begin to add to our lives in ways we hadn’t expected.

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