To Refinish or Not to Refinish

I’m a sucker for turning something ugly into something beautiful or something completely satisfactory into something I just like better.

Then I bought a house.

Furnishing my home and transforming almost every used piece of furniture into something I love was a no brainer. However, now that I’ve moved on to things that will “out live” me in the home I’m a bit scared of myself.

I even googled “should I paint my kitchen cabinets”. I mean seriously. Am I 12? No answer needed, it’s actually debatable sometimes. When the clock strikes 10 (cause I’m old now and that’s when I like to get in bed) I either get a second wind or am ready to sleep. A few nights back I decided to just paint my bathroom cabinet because I’m sure the next owner will l-o-v-e duck egg annie sloan distressed cabinets as much as me, right?

I woke up the next morning IN LOVE. The cabinets were super nice before. I’m sure the mass majority would have loved them. They were a far cry from the ugly brown cheapo cabinets you’ve seen in older homes. So why did I paint mine? I don’t know why I have to look at something and see what is CAN BE instead of what it is. The gift is great when applied to the right life settings, but sweet LORD did I really need to paint my perfectly above average bathroom cabinets?

Apparently so. And I do love them, so no regrets here at all but it has served as another reminder for me to enjoy both sides of my personality. Embrace today, paint the cabinets. If the next owner of this cute home doesn’t like duck egg blue well who the flip cares. Not me. Or I can just paint them when I list them house. Which brings me on to the main point of WHY AM I THINKING ABOUT SELLING THE HOUSE. In fact, I am not. I don’t want to move. Ever. I hate packing, moving, unpacking, getting settled. It’s all annoying and I have NO plans to move anytime soon, yet I can still find myself subconsciously planning for my next step even if it is 5-10 years away and holding out that I need to wait to enjoy my bathroom cabinets in my next more adult house.

Life is a revolving door of lessons, but I always try to bring it back to am I loving my life today or am my holding out for my tomorrow? Don’t get me wrong, there is wisdom on both sides of the spectrum. Loving today isn’t about overindulgence and foolishness. Planning is good. But there is equally valid wisdom in embracing today with your whole heart.

So what are you waiting to love tomorrow? Can you love it today by changing your perspective or learn to love your here and now? I dare to say you can.

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