30 Days of Healthy Eating – for the busy, on-the-go, I have no time, humans.

Tomorrow we start a fresh new month. My birthday month to be exact. In honor of my impending birthday, my first 10k race mid month, and a beach trip to celebrate at the end of April, I’ve decided to embark on 30 days of real foods. I’ll be sticking to meats, veggies, fruits, minimal dairy, and a few healthy carbs – for the sake of simplicity it’ll end up something similar to a paleo/gluten free meal plan.

What’s more fun than a new challenge? Oh, donuts you say? Well, you’re right. I love donuts and I always will. But, the other thing that is  more fun than a new challenge is when when we do that new challenge with friends. It’s possible I’m just tricking myself into thinking this, but either way we’re going with it.

How do you prep for healthy lifestyle changes/goals? These are a few goals I quickly jotted down.

– Create a weekly meal plan

– Meal Prep (precut veggies/pre-cook meat/portion on servings) to quickly grab and cook daily

– Increase water intake

– Juice once a day!

– Try TWO new recipes a week ( I already have a handful of healthy go-to ones I like, but I want to expand without setting crazy expectations so TWO it is)


Let’s Get Started, people! Who wants to join me?


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