Spring Line Up.

This month is almost up. Thank God…because I’m pretty sure all I did in February was spend money and lots of it at that.

Homey is going on a spending freeze. Starting now.

Good news though is that for the next few months the Entertainment line up inn my calendar is off the charts.

March | Lady Antebellum
I rarely have a “favorite” artist, song or am all that concerned with seeing or not seeing someone live. Somehow Lady A has managed to not only “Own the Night” but own me…I cannot WAIT for this show. 

April | Lion King on Broadway in Nola

  I’ve seen this musical 4 times now. It gets me every-single-time.
                           I could watch it 100 times.
The only thing better than a great musical is going to see a musical with your forever bestfriends. I’d do anything for these ladies and am so thankful for the promised laughs and chance of tears ahead as we’ll spend the day chatting about our lives, families and great memories together. It’s a blessing and gift I do not take for granted.
May | New York City Vacation
At the end of May, Andrea and I are going on vacation. This time we’re heading north for a week in New York City!!
I’m pretty stoked. She hasn’t been and although I’ve been twice it’s a place you can go a million times and still feel like you’ve never been because there is so much to see and do.
I’m ready for a week to check out of life and work and even better a week to spend with one of my favorite people! I don’t take for granted the blessing of getting to do life with people, it’s what I treasure the most in life. I know no season of life last forever and I also know I’m not the owner of the “life clock”. So I choose to indulge in this season of friendship and when the clock says a new season must begin (again), like all previous seasons, I’ll never regret the outcome of choosing to engage.
This is one of Andrea’s favorite childhood movies, so it was an easy pic for the one to see while we were there! I need to learn the songs…
   – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –
It’s going to be a great few months not because my calendar is full with things that are going to make my life seem way cooler on instagram than it really is in real life, BUT because I get to spend time with my favorite people doing things we love and discovering new things together.
I often wonder what I’ll think when I look back on this season in my life, let’s say in 10-15 years. I know I’ll say my 20’s was a time of adventure, growing up, discovering Jesus, friendship, and so much more. I know life get’s better, but I do also know that there is going to be a part of my heart that will always love pieces of this season uniquely. I’m trying to savor those things now. I don’t want to rush the moments, because I know this isn’t forever, it’s just today.

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