God Whispers | beautiful beginnings

This blog is going to be a bit personal. Consider yourself warned.


Has God ever whispered something into your soul? Serious question, people.

It could be that He love Love LOVES you or he WANTs you or that he is YOUR father or he is PROUD of you or that he DIED for YOU. It could have been a promise- I won’t ever leave you, I will always be with you, you can trust me, I have the best for you.

I’m not talking about you read the above in a scripture verse, but a moment where you know God has spoken something directly – to – you.

I call these moments my God whispers. God whispers are not the same thing as when a pastor, friend or strangers tells you something. People’s word don’t change our life the way God whispers do. A God whisper permeates itself into the DNA of who you are and stays with you forever. You can ignore people’s word and will probably forget them, but you cannot forget a God whisper. Like the Bible, a God whisper is a living conversation with your creator- so even if you want to ignore it …it doesn’t let you forget.

When I was 18, God whispered something into my heart that still to this very day I cling to. Actually, I need that God whisper more today than I did then. This promise has protected, shielded, guarded, encouraged, challenged and comforted me countless times in the last 7 years. For the sake of accuracy and transparency, the term “countless” is probably in the thousands. No lie.

There have been many moments I have felt like I was on my way to becoming the personification of desperation- until my God whisper awoke and began to tell me over and over and over….the same thing.

In order to understand my God Whisper, you do have to have a lil bit of history leading up to it.


I was 18.  Just walked out of a relationship. I was lonely and I missed my bestfriend. I was scared that walking away meant walking away from the promise of things I thought he meant for me and my future. I was scared no one else would want me. I was sad. Walking away from someone your heart loves isn’t ever easy, but sometimes…it is what is best for both people. Two good things do not automatically equate to God’s best or His dream for our life.

There I was…sad, distracted from life and people around me, emotionally withdrawn from them and focused on my current internal turmoil, and felt like God was a million miles away.

Then. He. Whispered.

I so vividly remember this moment. It was a light bulb moment if I had ever had one. God began to whisper to my heart…to the core fears and frustrations that were rocking my world in that season.

Do you trust me, Renee? Do you want me to be in control of your life and your story? If you let me write your story, I won’t just give you a fairytale ending, but I will give you a fairytale beginning.

I heard him speak so very clearly. No stuttering or fancy speech. He spoke right to things in my heart and I had no idea at that time how those simple words were melting themselves into who I was.

What’s the big deal with this God whisper?

You may have missed it. It’s not about disney and fairytale nonsense.

It’s about the power of the beginning of your story. The Bible is clear that the Lord can turn things around for our good. That is an amazing promise.

But I don’t think that is THE promise. I don’t want to live my life diving into things, manipulating and making messes in the beginning and just living on the prayer that God is going to turn those things around. I know his promise is that he can, but just what if we trusted him from square one.

This God whisper that the Lord doesn’t just care about the end of my story, but he wants the beginning to be just as reflective of who is he in me changed me in that moment.

Every relationship, opportunity, and new adventure that has approached me I have examined through this grid. The Beginning part of your story and even your current life choices and decisions matter to God- Very Much So!

In moments where I have seriously wanted to throw in the towel and indulge in what I wanted right then and there, I hear the whisper. When a new relationship is standing in front me and certain details are just messed up and the beginning of the story is all jacked up, I have learned to take a deep breath and walk away.

I may not be walking away forever, but I may be walking away for a season.

I trust that Lord loves me and therefore “GOOD” things will be added to my life. I want the beginning of my life choices, opportunities, relationships and ventures to be reflective of him JUST AS MUCH as I want the ending to be immersed in his handiwork.

I want to be proud of the beginning.

Testimonies are a powerful thing. We each have a story of redemption, because we were/are all sinners and have been saved by His amazing grace, but so often the story we hear preached is one full of bad life choices that led to hurtful, broken and empty dreams. God is big enough to turn ANY life around, but I don’t want that story.

And I refuse to believe that in order for God’s message to be impactful it has to be preached from that angle alone.

I want to hear stories of faith.

I want to hear stories of abundant life.

I want to meet people who did not compromise.

I want to do life with people who know God is bigger than what they might have to walk away from to get a beautiful beginning.

I want to hear great beginnings that lead to even better endings.

There are no words to really describe how thankful I am for my God whisper that still comes alive to me when I get scared, nervous, frustrated and slightly inclined to compromise in the beginning. I’m also thankful I have gotten to share my God whisper with people who I love and do life with as reminders that they too serve a God who wants them to have beautiful beginnings.

The beginning is important. If it doesn’t have a God mark on it…be confident walking away is ok. You deserve beginnings that are reflective of the amazing God we serve.

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