I Bought a House

I bought a house, people.

Let me repeat that in case you didn’t catch it.

Someone let me buy house.

It still makes me laugh.

And she’s so lovely and feels so cozy and welcoming when you walk in. She’s the perfect landing pad in this season of my life to create new memories and indulge in my today. She didn’t come easy and she definitely didn’t land in my lap quickly, but she was worth the fight.

In all her glory, she was so worth the wait.

2013-05-31 11.49.09

When I first started house hunting, I searched high and low for a great deal and house I could turn into a home. For a few months I didn’t find anything I loved…. only a few places I liked because of their potential.  After not really loving the area’s I was looking in and my options, I began to think a bit into if my criteria was limiting me.  I woke up on a Wednesday morning and felt like I needed to expand the borders of my search, literally. I called my college best friend turned real estate agent and told him to look a bit further out that the areas I had initially told him. He immediately said, “I have the perfect house for you, but we need to move fast”. Just a few short hours later I was sitting in my little dream house signing the first of MANY more offers to come. Side note: This home was a short sale purchase. Those purchasing home via short sale should love waiting, the pursuit of patience, and drama.

I had no idea the journey to come or the hiccups and MOUNTAINS that would grace my presence because this home was a short sale purchase (pre-foreclosure). I also had no idea in the midst of 4-5 months of home buying chaotic drama, I’d walk in peace and assurance that she was mine even if everything kept saying otherwise. I knew she was mine the moment I saw her online and it was confirmed when I opened the front door. She was mine. He had saved her just for me and I knew it.

She had everything I wanted but was too scared to put on paper because I knew I’d never get it. You know, cause I’m all knowing. (sigh) When will I learn he does things better and I can and should expect more? The months that led to signing the papers for her I have learned so many things about myself and Jesus. Mostly, that he has always laid opportunity in front me and given me the chance to walk different paths. When I choose (whether a college, relationship, job, house) he will go before me, walk with me, and piece together beauty along the way. I didn’t have to house hunt, but I do believe because I did, he picked the best for me.

I use to tell Jesus that I thought if I knew the timing or what the end results would be that it would make the journey (any journey not just this one) SO MUCH easier and more enjoyable. I’d like to officially retract all times I’ve said that. This journey has completely disproved my previously untested declaration. The moment I saw her I knew she was mine. Waiting 5 months for things to fall into place through what felt like volcanic eruptions of mess and disruptions at every step of the way was definitely not easier knowing she’s still end up mine.

The Lord reminded me of that statement a few times in the last 20 weeks and has pushed my heart to trust the silence and not beg to be a part of every step in the behind the scenes action all the time. I get it now. Silence doesn’t mean there is no activity, it’s merely a protection of one’s emotions at times if we choose to trust the end  is in his hands.

Now, that I get to (FINALLY) close the home buying chapter and get to enjoy life with this amazing gift, I’m once again taken back by how beautifully Jesus does things. He loves me. He cares about the details and even the smallest of things in my heart. He reminds me, often. It’s easy to think a human will ever do that for me and that because I’m not married I’m somehow missing out on this feeling until he again reminds me no human will make me feel like he does. No man will care for me like he does. No man will know my heart how he does. No man can provide lasting sustainment and love for all my days. He can and will though yesterday, today and forever.

There may be a close second out there somewhere, but there will truly be none comparable.

He isn’t replaceable and there are no substitutes for his presence and place in my life.

Isn’t it beautiful the greatest love story we can experience is with him and not a person. This way no one misses out – ever. And when you daily live out the truest and great love story you are able to set your expectations of others appropriately.

Are you still searching to love your story? He’s waiting for you, boo.

I’ll be putting up a home section on my blog soon, but here are a few “in process pics” to hold you over!

2013-07-25 08.02.25

I really wanted a picture collage wall. It's not finished, but here's a mid process picture.
I really wanted a picture collage wall. It’s not finished, but here’s a mid process picture.
My piano. My love. She's showcased FIERCELY in my living room. Bring on the songwriting.
My piano. My love. She’s showcased FIERCELY in my living room. Bring on the songwriting.
This was before my kitchen table arrived. Don't you just love my princess chairs??
This was before my kitchen table arrived. Don’t you just love my princess chairs??

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