The Fab 5

This past weekend I drove up with what I like to refer to as the Fab 5 and we surprised our bestfriend Ashley for a little 30th birthday celebration. Friendship is such a gift. Friendship you have had for over a decade that has conquered high school, college, marriage, babies, new jobs, new cities, singleness, etc all together is a priceless gift. It was a hilariously refreshing weekend to escape the daily responsibilities we have as women to bask in a weekend of laughs, story telling, investigative research, and eating.

2013-07-20 20.21.21-2

I drove up early Saturday to meet up with Ashley as the cover for our plan. She just thought I was coming to spend the weekend with her, but we had planned that later in the afternoon the other 3 girls would show up and the real party would begin. You only turn 30 once and let’s be honest we’re are all a bit scared of 30.

I loved my time with her and her cute babies before the other girls arrived though. We discussed life’s most important topics: boys, babies, and fashion.

2013-07-20 15.14.26

Charlie was the sweetest lil thing to play with. As you can see here, Josh and Ashley make some adorable lil babies.

2013-07-20 15.14.31

2013-07-20 16.50.21

Brock is just too entertaining for words. I didn’t get any good pics of him cause he was busy running around, telling me stories, and playing with his dad! That boy didn’t want to sit still. When he did though, he was so fun to talk to and I didn’t want to disturb our important life chats with a photo session.

2013-07-20 16.57.36

Once the girls arrived our weekend began and we were off to dinner. One thing we have discovered the last few years is we really just cannot be in public for long durations of times. We are too funny, too loud, and too comfortable with each other to not discuss any and every topic possible. So after a delicious dinner and indulgent dessert stop, we headed back to the church campus to stay in some of their cabins.

2013-07-20 18.27.17
Apparently Amy and I decided to make faces while Ashley gazed at Jesus.
2013-07-20 18.28.46-3
My bestfriends!


2013-07-20 18.56.56-3
My bestfriends!
2013-07-20 19.03.27
Steak dinner. We don’t play.


2013-07-20 19.54.29-2
This dessert place is named quite appropriately. Indulge, we sure did.
2013-07-20 20.22.46
We never leave home without our peppermint oil!
2013-07-20 20.36.07
Ashley is still learning the wonders of picture taking and instagram.
Ashley: “THIS is the BEST picture of ya’ll”
Jordan: It looks like I”m sitting on the ground
Emily: I hate this angle
Amy: Renee, I think this is the first time you’ve taken a bad pic.
Oh, memories.
2013-07-20 20.22.57-2
Pretty friends!


We all have a lot of memories on this campus and in those cabins. It seemed a bit nostalgic to spend the night there and was the perfect settling spot to cater to a few more hours of adventures and chats. You’d think people who know everything would run out of things to talk about. Nope.

2013-07-20 21.13.59-2

2013-07-20 21.55.54
This is Ashley spying out the sliding glass door to see what the “noise” was we heard. She is so discreet. I’m SURE no one could see her.
2013-07-20 22.00.00
Please notice the difference of Ashley peeking out the window and Amy. It’s about a 2 foot difference. lol

It was a great night to celebrate Ashley’s transition into her 30’s! When you have a great friends you don’t need cool things to do, you just need time. I’d say we all walked away thankful and proud of our girl. Growing up and juggling all the responsibilities and opportunities life presents us takes a lot of trial and error and grace to navigate it well. One of my favorite things to see each time we all come together is how our lives are progressing and even if it feels we’re at a stand still, he is moving and growing us in the slightest of ways.

Our Fab 5 have found such peace and rest in being able to process all of life (even the really hard, embarrassing, uncomfortable, and frustrating parts) without judgement. We all need people we can be honest with and let our guard down to say “This is what’s really going on”. Even if the conversation simply ends with a hug, prayer, encouraging word, or just a reminder that you’re not alone, there is strength that comes from deep friendships.


Josh (Ashley's husband) speaking at church!
Josh (Ashley’s husband) speaking at church!

We got up Sunday morning and went to church with Josh and Ashley where they are the youth pastors. It was so cool seeing Josh leading the congregation and Ashley working her PW role. This is what we dreamed about when we were 18 and even though we knew it would happen it’s still humbling when you step back and see the road the Lord paved to get you to today. God has been so good to us all. So. SO.SO good.

Happy Birthday Ashley! You are a gift to the Fab 5 (and world!). Your energy and love of life are contagious. It’s inspiring to see how much you’ve grown in maturity and gentleness these past few years as you’ve really taken seriously your role as a wife, mother, and pastor’s wife. We love the fight inside of you and will always encourage you to hold tightly to what the Lord has given you to watch over and steward. We are so proud to have been there when in all began and that we’ve gotten a front row seat over the last 10 years as your life journey is unfolding. We look forward to how the next 10 will change us for the better and for the girl’s weekends full of laughter and heart chats to come as we continue to figure out this life thing! You make 30 look real good. We love you to the moon and back!

The FAB 5
The FAB 5

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