Day 3: Church Family

Sunday mornings are long days for me, but they are also one of my favorite days of the week. For the last two years I’ve been leading worship at our Gulfcoast campus in Biloxi, MS. After a sweet morning with my church family, today’s thanks must go to the many, many people who show up on Sundays to make church happen. Somehow there never seems to be enough help, yet that never seems to limit God. And each week I’m so honored to be a part of the massive team that shows up at all our campuses to make each weekend a success.

Being a part of the worship team means we’re some of the first to get into the building to prepare for weekend services. This gives us a front row view to ALLLL the people who show up early to prepare for services. Every weekend at our 3 campuses hundreds of people show up not to just attend church but to be the church. They drive hours to get to a campus, set up stages, park cars, line up chairs, greet people at doors, direct them around a building, help them find a seat, refill their coffee cups, love on their sweet babies, sing and preach to their children, lead people into worship and pray with them.

I love watching the church get ready, especially the parents who show up with their kids letting them serve along side them. There’s nothing like teaching kids to love the house of God. It’s a beautiful moment in life when you realize something as small as getting someone coffee and helping them find a seat can unlock their heart and it’s even more a beautiful thing when you come alive to be the church!

I”m so thankful I get to be a part of the church. There was a season in my life that church turned into an obligation – it was gross. God has done a lot in my life since then. I had no idea what I was missing out on simply because my heart and perspective were wrong. Being a part is a joy, because what Jesus has done in me still takes my breath away. Being involved is my greatest honor, because God has included me in the great adventure my heart could ever know.

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