Day 4: Support System

Lesbihonest, life is hard sometimes. Growing up is no easy joke when you’re simultaneously trying to juggle so many life pressures and find yourself and place in our getting – weirder – by – the – second world. This is why today (and everyday) I’m so thankful for my support system of parents, brothers, best friends, and mentors. No joke, I’d have n-e-v-e-r made it to 27 without them.

Support systems are just not thanked often enough – at least mine isn’t.  Here’s my list of why they are the best.

They cheer for you. Who doesn’t love a personal cheering squad?

They remind you it’s ok to not be perfect. They are not perfect and they know you are not perfect and they are 100% ok with that.

They teach you new things. Sometimes serious things like how to pray or hear God speak and other times how to save $15 on your favorite must-have fall boots.

They love you like you are. As is. No prereqs needed.  *selah*

They tell you the truth. This can both sting and soothe your heart in the exact same moment and somehow you’re so thankful they care enough to do so.

They remind you you’re not actually going to die when life is making you think you will.

They are proof you are never alone. You might feel lonely in moments, but you are never alone.

They are a phone call away from your rescue.

They make you laugh till you cry….and sometimes cry till you laugh.

They push you to honor the dream and integrity in your heart. No matter the cost.

They are the best reminder at the end of the day all the riches in the world could not add up to their worth to you and their place in your life.

Today, I’m so thankful, when I’m a mess or sad for myself or someone else, I have a short and long list of people who are always there for me. They know me and they know me well. They love me deep. They are committed to doing life together with me. They are my peeps, my home, and my heart.



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