January Resolutions & Why I don’t make yearly ones!

After finishing up my yearly round up blog – Read Here if you Dare, it’s time jot down my new year’s resolutions for the next 365 days of life I am assuming I get to live. As long as I’ve known myself, which is a pretty long time, I’ve loved setting goals. Mostly because I love accomplishing things and without a clear set list of goals it just feels you are existing….and I prefer checking off things in my life list.

Organization does my heart good. So does reaching new life goals and turning hope into my real life.

Making New Year’s resolution can be very daunting to those of us who are far better at failing at them then reaching them, so I’ve decided to take new approach this year. Instead of writing my usual long list of large goals, I’m aiming for January goals – which will followed up by February goals…and March. You get the picture.

How do you plan to reach new goals this year?

You see, I have found that little successes can help us keep our focused set and provide us the needed motivation to reach the larger (more daunting) life goals we have.

My January Goals

Lose 15 pounds

Get into my workout groove

Only buy one coffee per week

Do laundry weekly

No shopping in January – if I stick to it I can buy a new dress for a wedding in February. Specifically, this wedding is on Valentine’s Day which just feels extra appropriate to buy a new dress for Vday.

Cancel cable (sorry, roomies)

Clear out garage – less is more. You don’t need it Renee.

Read the Secret Place again

Spend time with Jesus in the morning time instead of before bed.

Restart Saturday morning date tradition.

Visit both of my grandmothers

Get an alarm clock and keep my iphone out of my room! (Miracles do happen, folks…I think)

And that’s it for January. That’s more than enough to keep me busy though.

Do you have any big plans for the new year?

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