My Favorite Products/Things in 2013


As I close out 2013, I thought I’d lay out some of my favorite new finds. Most of these are things I use daily or relatively consistently.  And I love hearing about what makes your life easier, more fluid, or even just more fun!

1) Headbands


I touched on this in my yearly round up blog, but I figured it made more sense to be highlighted here. I’m a big fan of headbands of all kinds. I’d estimate I wear them 2-3 times a week. My favorites have come from one online shop, Oh Sweet Joy! and Francesca’s. You just cannot go wrong with a great headband. According to my friends who want to be headband lovers, my head is shaped perfectly for them. I do not really know what that means other than their head is just NOT shaped for headbands???? Give it shot – they are so fun.

2) Leather Leggings.

So fun. So fab. Such a perfect Friday night outfit. Throw on a flowy top, some wedges, and a cool necklace (or in my case a headband) and you’re ready to rock. 2013 was the year of releasing my inner rockstar. My first pair of leather leggings came from Sears. I know – who shops there? But I had searched around for some for weeks and needed them for a specific outing and in my search the Kardashion collection at Sears had some. And who would have guessed….they totally rocked.

3) Panaway Oil (Young Living Essential Oils)


This year I ended up ordering the Young Living starter kit of essential oils in a desperate attempt to find something – ANYTHING – that would help my throat. As a singer and professional talker, my vocal chords were in constant pain which was majorly stressing me out, which I’m pretty sure made me strain my neck muscles, making them hurt worst. Such a tragical cycle. I went to a few doctors, had my throat scope (Can you say, Gag much?) and I was basically told my only option was steriod shots which I was not comfortable with. SO, one of my sweet brides was a faithful advocate of these oils which she uses in all her births and I figured, “What the heck – it can’t hurt to get them and I’m sure it will hurt less than steroid shots”. I bought the starter kit and never in my wildest dreams would have expected to have transformed my medicine cabinet, but the stuff works. I’ve since used various oils to treat and quickly recover from the sight of any oncoming sickness, strep throat, headaches, nauseous, allergies, and more. Amazing. Seriously, I’m so glad I found them! If you’re interested in filling your medicine cabinet with them – let me know! My favorite go to oils are Panaway, Thieves, Peppermint, Lavender, Peace and Calming and Frankincense!

4) Annie Sloan Chalk Paint

I cannot say it enough times how much I love this stuff. I have refinished all of my kitchen cabinets, my media stand, a piano, a dresser, chest of drawers, bathroom cabinets, vanity, antique buffet, foyer table….to name a few. March your little butt over to pinterest and do a quick search for a rundown of the fabulous things you can do with AS paint!

5) Toddy

I’m a lover of coffee. Always have been, always will be. My toddy is something I got a lot of use out of this year making my own iced coffee from home. Indulge your self, save a few bucks, and get one! Here in the deep south when it’s basically 100 degrees all the time – iced coffee just makes your day a little bit better.

Here’s a fun list of iced coffee recipes you can make at home. Enjoy.

6) Bar Method Workout

It’s my favorite workout. Nothing compares. I typically judge if I really want to commit to a workout based on what the people’s bodies look like that do it consistently. Then I decide if I want that kind of look. You know since just imagining the body you want gives it to you 🙂 My ideal body would hands-down-no-questions-asked – be a bar method body! Not to mention it’s 60 minutes of hard work in peace and quiet away from the world. I didn’t know heaven could burn so bad, but it sure can.

7) Cast Iron Skillet/Pots

I bought a cast iron skillet on a whim. It made me feel like my grandma, kinda nostaligic. It just felt so official moving around my new kitchen with a little cast iron (not that you can move all that much cause the stuff is dang heavy). I had no idea how much I’d love it though. I’m currently saving up because I’d like to just have cast iron everything and that stuff is e-x-p-e-n-s-i-v-e and no where near the single girl budget land I love in.

8) A Grass Cutter


I know this isn’t technically a product – it’s a service – but I don’t think I love anything more than knowing I NEVER HAVE TO CUT MY GRASS. Yard work and gardens are hands down the worst part of home ownership. I’d rather go to the dentist, gyno, and other annoying places than do yard work.

9) Groopdealz

It would be WAY TOO embarrassing to admit how much money I spent on this past year, so that is why I intentionally DID NOT figure out the amount. It would be way – too – much. Unless, of course, I also figured out how much I saved through their discounts which would probably make me feel just a tad bit better. I filled my closet with purses, shirts, shoes, bags, jewelry and home decor. This is partially why I’m on a shopping fast in January. I basically don’t need anything…for the rest of my life.

10) Camelbak Water Bottle (1 Liter is my preferred size)

Because I sing and because I know it’s good for me and filling, I try to daily drink obscene amounts of water. Without fail, my sure success of consistently reaching my water intake goals, are the days I’m carrying my Camelbak water bottle with me. There might be better ones out there and I might just be in the middle of one big ole game of tricking myself, but either way, it’s working for me people so I’m sticking with it.

11) Dove Dark Chocolate

Everyday around 3ish my office takes a 10 minute break and we all eat one dark dove chocolate. It’s a moment to read your “Dove inspiration” and also eat a little bit of chocolate. Total win-win for all involved. It’s been one of my favorite parts of my afternoon all year, even if we have now gotten ALLLLL dove inspiration notes about 100 times each.

12) Tamari Sauce

Stir Fry is one of my favorite meals. Grease a pan with a bit of coconut oil, throw in your bell peppers, garlic, onions, carrots, etc and some chicken….and top it all off with some Tamari sauce and this girl is happy as can be. If you’re feeling real wild and want to serve it over brown rice or quinoa that’s also delish. Here’s my favorite sauce. If you’e local, you can get it at Rouses or Fresh Market for a few bucks. Your kitchen needs this. I get the gluten free option.

13) Online Classes

I’m a big fan of learning. We live in an era where information is readily available to us. It’s really magnificent. I don’t expect to be an expert on everything, but I do greatly value my ability to research and learn about the most important things for me and my family. It’s also fun to just learn a little bit about a new hobby or interest too. I’ve found two sites that have done this – TED | Talks and Skillshare. Check them out in 2014 and learn something new about life! Be inspired!

14) Fleece leggings

This is far less inspirational than the online classes mentioned above, but I don’t care. I love fleece leggings and would wear them everyday if I could. Sidenote: If you need a good laugh, check out this video Tights are not Pants. Go ahead and check out Glozell’s other videos while you’re at it – my other fav’s are her lyrics reviews and this video

What were your must have products in 2013?

PS: This list is by no means comprehensive. I’m sure I’ll think of more tomorrow. I already did – my Nike Flyknit shoes. They are my favorite running shoes of all time. Google them. Also, I didn’t get paid to promote these various companies and products, but I think it would rock to promote companies you love, so if they want to work a deal out – I’m game for such wondering ideas.

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