Coffee Coffee Coffee Coffee Coffee Coffee…and the word

In my life, every morning is a coffee morning.

Serve me up a hot or iced drink and there’s probably little I wouldn’t do for you.

By myself or shared with a friend.

In a coffee shop or in my bed.

On my sofa or at my desk.

I love them all.

A few cups in….and this may be me. Although, as a regular drinker it takes a bit more than normal to achieve this….

Coffee is a daily contributor to my existence and as a faithful asset it blows my mind when I see people post on fb that they are giving up coffee. That honestly sounds like the dumbest idea – EVER. Today’s post was inspired by reading not one but TWO of these ridiculous post. Seriously, that just makes no sense to me.


Thank you for your faithful contribution to keeping me awake, more productive and I swear, a little nicer (or alot) in my daily life. I don’t know why anyone would want to rid their life of you. I assure you I won’t be making those outlandish statements. In fact, I’m considering adopting because 40 weeks without seems pretty much impossible.



Coffee Rant Over. You may proceed with your day as normal….but make sure you add a cup of life (coffee) to it.

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